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Plastic mold factory processing in the balance of the cutting tool of the important measures

Today is New Year's day small long vacation has officially ended, the positions of staff and continue to struggle to return to his post. Actually as a Plastic mold factory workers, most of the already into the work. Jiezheng mold editor with everyone today to see the balance of the cutting tool in the process of plastic mold CNC machining of the important measures.

In the whole cutting process, in order to reach the typical steps of cutting tool balance involves the following:

1. The measuring tool/handle component imbalance.

2. Through the change of the cutting tool, cutting it to remove some quality, or move the handle in order to reduce the imbalance.

(3) often have to repeat these steps, including checking tool, precision adjustment again, again until equilibrium.

Tool balance also involves several instability in the process of not discussed. One of these is the match problem between the handle and the main shaft. The reason for this is that clamping, often very measurable clearance may also be a chip on the taper shank or dirt. This causes taper shank positioning is different every time. Even if the cutting tool, the handle and the spindle in each aspect which is very good, but if there are stains, can cause imbalances. In order to balance their tool, must increase the cost in the process of cutting, if the tooling balance is very important to reduce the cost, it should be and the specific situation of each analysis.

However, in order to well balance tool, when choosing the right tools have a lot of work to do. The following is to choose the cutting tool should be given consideration:

1. Buy quality cutting tools with the handle. Should choose to have in advance to eliminate the imbalance of the handle.

2. It is best to use short and cutting tools as light as possible.

3. Regular inspection tools and the handle, and check whether there is a sign of fatigue thread and deformation.

Process can accept tool imbalance by their own situation to determine. These include the balance of the cutting force of cutting process, machine tool and the degree of the two factors influence each other. Test is one of the best ways to find the best balance. Use different unbalance value to run a few times, such as never balance value of 20 g mm or less. After each run, with a more balanced tooling repeated trials. Best balance should be to such a point: beyond this point, to further improve tool balance will not improve the quality of the surface of the workpiece; Or this one point: at this point process can easily guarantee specified workpiece tolerances.

The key is to always focus on technology, rather than dynamic equilibrium level - or other arbitrary determine the equilibrium value of G value as a target. This goal should be to achieve efficiency as high as possible process. It involves weighing tool balance of costs and benefits because of this, so should be reasonable for a balance between costs and benefits.

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