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Dongguan plastic mold factory should actively applying modern advanced manufacturing technology

Entering the 21st century, in the new situation of economic globalization, as the capital, technology and labor market integration, the equipment manufacturing industry in our country after joining the WTO, will be the world's equipment manufacturing industry base. Dongguan Plastic mold factory should actively applying modern advanced manufacturing technology, efforts to improve the level of production technology.

In the modern manufacturing industry, no matter which industry engineering equipment, all products provided by the mould industry is being increasingly used. In order to adapt to the company to mould manufacturing of high precision, short delivery time, low cost, the urgent request of the modern advanced manufacturing technology is widely used in die and mould industry to accelerate the technological progress of mold industry, satisfy all walks of life to mold the base and the urgent need of process equipment, it is to the mold design and manufacture are put forward higher request, to adapt to the new form all walks of life under the new requirements for mold plastic mold factory is dongguan Jiezhen there is an urgent task.

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