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Matters needing attention in plastic injection mold hot runner system gate

In mould manufacturing process of Plastic mold factory, the use of hot runner system has many advantages, but also has a lot of attention should be paid to matters, such as the gate of hot runner system.

Gate location basic factors to consider are: design, flow and product end use requirements. To be kept in mind the following points, as a general guide.

1. The big parts need more gate, there should be a gate location closely enough, in order to reduce the pressure loss. Do to minimize the cooling for the resin flow front intersection, thus providing better fusion line strength. Should choose the appropriate gate size, so that the resin filling has a reasonable pressure and speed.

2. The gate transition section length should be kept as short as possible.

3. Bump flow gate will help to ensure flow of fluid directly to the core or cavity wall, thus can avoid spiral lines.

4. To avoid gas entrapment, from gate resin flow, should be air exhaust slot.

5. Good gate location should be determined, so that the resin flow from thick wall parts to thin wall parts; Minimize fusion line; And away from the shock and stress area.

6. To make the spiral mosquitoes, radiation spot and gate to minimize white halo, gate and runner has a right Angle.

7. Casting directly to the decorative surface, can cause surface defects.

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