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Sectional cross - sectional shape and dimensions of the diversion channel in plastic mold

The last has been mentioned, at this stage Dongguan mold industry for mold design talent is very scarce, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the plastic mold in the cross-section of the cross-sectional shape and size. In the multi-cavity or single-cavity multi-gate (plastic size) should be set when the diversion channel, the main channel is the main channel between the gate and the plastic flow between the flow channel.

The flow path is located on either or both sides of the movable mold part, and its cross section is as small as possible so that the specific surface area (the ratio of the surface area of the runner to its volume) is small, so that the plastic melt with relatively high temperature and the relatively low temperature The mold provides a smaller contact area between the molds to reduce heat loss.

The size of the shunt is mainly dependent on the size of the product, the mold structure and the type of plastic being processed. In general, as the size and wall thickness of the product increases, the large cross-section flow path facilitates the filling process of the mold due to the small resistance of the melt in the large cross-section flow path than in the small flow path. If the diversion channel is long, the process is long, the viscosity of plastic parts should be smaller.

Commonly used in the form of cross-section of circular, trapezoidal, U-shaped, semi-circular and rectangular, and several other forms. Round section, the smallest surface area / volume ratio, the lowest cooling rate, heat and friction loss is small; feed channel center condensate slow, is conducive to packing; but also requires the same time in the two molds on the circular groove processing, processing difficult , High cost; parabolic cross-section compared with the heat loss, condensate and more, because the section is similar to the arc, so inherited most of the advantages of circular cross-section, and in the unilateral processing easier; trapezoidal section is sometimes available To replace the parabolic section, but the heat loss and more condensate; semi-circular cross-section flow channel need to use the ball milling cutter, the specific surface area than the trapezoidal, U-shaped section slightly larger; rectangular cross-sectional area larger, and flow resistance Also large, in the design generally do not use.

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