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Design of Molding Parts in Plastic Mold

Today is the fifth day of the National Day holiday, yesterday is the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dongguan plastic mold industry friends, where are you going through this wonderful holiday it I believe that most of the small partners are blocked in the high-speed road through it Today, Jie is plastic mold products factory editor for everyone to introduce the plastic mold in the design of molded parts.

Parts of the mold that determine the geometry and size of the plastic parts are called molded parts, including dies, cores, inserts, forming rods, and molding rings. Forming parts work, direct contact with the plastic, plastic melt high pressure, material erosion, stripping and plastic parts also occur between the friction. Therefore, the molding parts require the correct geometry, high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness, in addition, the molding parts also require reasonable structure, a higher strength, stiffness and good wear resistance.

Design of forming parts, should be based on the characteristics of plastic and plastic parts of the structure and use requirements to determine the overall structure of the cavity, select the sub-surface and gate location to determine the stripping mode, exhaust parts, and then according to the molding parts Processing, heat treatment, assembly and other requirements of the design of forming parts to calculate the size of the work of forming parts, the key molding parts for strength and stiffness check.

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