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Preparation of plastic mold before compression molding

Today, again on Sunday, this time the Plastic mold factory in Dongguan should do not have to work most of the Sunday, but the editor I still have a few mold factory colleagues in the work of hard work. Today to introduce the preparation of plastic mold in the compression before the preparation.


① pre-pressure method: In order to facilitate the operation and improve the quality of plastic parts, first with pre-compression mold powder, fibrous plastic raw materials in the pre-press on a certain weight, shape consistent with the ingot.

② the advantages of using pre-compressed ingot:

Feeding is quick and accurate

Reduce the compression rate, reduce the size of the material cavity, air content is small, not only fast heat and less bubbles.

Ingredients and plastic parts similar shape, easy to shape complex or with small pieces of plastic parts.

Can improve the preheating temperature, shorten the preheating and curing time

Avoid dusting in the feeding process and improve working conditions.

But the production process is more complex

③ requirements for plastic raw materials:

The best size of the particles

The compression ratio (plastic / ingot) is preferably about 3.0

Contains lubricant

④ preload conditions:

Temperature: room temperature or 50 ~ 90 ℃ preload

Pressure: pressure range of 40 ~ 200MPa

Principle: the density of the ingot to plastic parts of the maximum density of 80%

Note: The above information from the Jie is the mold factory finishing on the Internet, welcome reproduced, indicate the source!


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