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Molding properties and process parameters of plastic molding materials

Plastic mold plastic materials of various types, we have to choose according to different product characteristics of plastic materials, and different plastic materials on the mold requirements are not the same. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the plastic material ABS molding properties and process parameters.

1 Basic Characteristics

ABS is made of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. The characteristics of these three kinds of components, so that ABS has a good comprehensive mechanical properties. Acrylonitrile makes ABS have good resistance to chemical corrosion and surface hardness, butadiene makes ABS tough, styrene makes it have good workability and dyeing properties.

ABS non-toxic, tasteless, is slightly yellow, the shape of the plastic parts have a better luster. Density is 1.02~1.05/cm. ABS has excellent impact strength, and at low temperature does not drop rapidly. Has good mechanical strength and certain wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical stability and electrical properties. Water, inorganic salt, alkali, acid almost has no effect on ABS, dissolution or formation of emulsions in ketones, aldehydes, esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols and hydrocarbons are insoluble in most solvents, but long-term exposure will soften swelling and hydrocarbon. ABS plastic surface by glacial acetic acid, vegetable oil and other chemical erosion will cause stress cracking. ABS has a certain degree of hardness and dimensional stability, easy molding processing. After the color can be matched to any color. The shortcoming is that the heat resistance is not high, the continuous working temperature is about 70 degrees, the hot deformation temperature is about 93 degrees. Poor weather resistance, ultraviolet radiation in the volatile hard brittle.

According to the proportion of the three components in ABS, the performance is also slightly different, so as to adapt to different applications. According to the different applications, it can be divided into high impact type, high impact type, medium impact type, low impact type and heat resistance type.

2 main uses

ABS in the machinery industry for the manufacture of gears, bearings, impeller, pump handle, pipeline, motor shell, instrument shell, dashboard, tank shell, batteries, cold storage and frost lining etc.. The automobile industry made of ABS car fender, handrails, heat pipe, air conditioning heater, and used the ABS sandwich plate for car body. ABS can also be used to make the water meter shell, textile equipment, electrical parts, stationery and sporting goods, toys, electronic piano and recorder shell, food packaging containers, pesticide sprayers and furniture etc..

3 molding characteristics

ABS at high temperature viscosity, so the molding pressure is higher, the draft on plastic should be slightly larger; ABS absorbent, molding should be dried before processing; easy to produce weld line, mold design should pay attention to reduce the pouring system for material flow resistance; forming in normal conditions, the wall thickness, melt temperature and shrinkage effect. Requirements of plastic parts accuracy is high, the mold temperature can be controlled at 50~60 degrees, the requirements of plastic parts gloss and heat resistance, should be controlled at 60~80 degrees.

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