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Plastic mold learning should master the knowledge

It is summer in July, the annual summer vacation has come for some time. After the college entrance examination students busy filling volunteer, choose special. So today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce plastic mold learning should master the knowledge.

Mold is a production tool, but also a production tool, what today for everyone to tell you what is plastic mold, plastic mold what knowledge.

Plastic mold is used in the production of injection molding mold, plastic mold is mainly installed in the plastic injection molding machine used in the plastic products. To learn plastic mold must master the knowledge, such as hardware foundation, chemical basis, but also understand some drawing techniques, such as plane three-dimensional geometry, analytic geometry, engineering geometry, painting geometry, mechanical basis, trigonometric function, etc. Learn some mold design software.

Above is the plastic mold to learn the knowledge should be mastered, if you want to engage in plastic mold industry, then it is necessary to seriously study hard, and more to master this knowledge.

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