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What are the basic parts of a plastic mold?

Today is July 8th, it is really a good time, and the situation of the ups and downs of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory is really a head. Editing how my life in the ups and downs can survive in adversity, the bottom of life It is up on your own. Ok, so much. Today, I will introduce you to the basic parts of plastic molds.

Under normal circumstances, there are two main types of plastic molds: one is a two-plate mold, commonly known as a large water mold; the other is a three-plate mold, commonly known as a thin water mold.

Whether it is a two-plate mold or a three-plate mold, the plastic mold generally consists of the following parts.


The mold structure becomes the most basic part of the plastic mold. Formwork can generally be purchased directly from professional formwork manufacturers.

2. The core part of the plastic mold - the cavity and core

The main cavity and the main core are commonly known as mold cores or inner molds and are the most important components of the mold. Most of the design work is also spent on the design of the mold. However, some of the simpler molds have no part of the mold, and the product is formed directly on the template, especially in the early days of plastic molds. This structure has been phased out.

3. Plastic mold auxiliary parts

Such as positioning ring, sprue sleeve, push rod (also called ejector or thimble), pull rod (commonly known as grab pin), support column, ejector plate guide post and guide sleeve, support nail (commonly known as garbage nail). In the case of a three-plate model, a special sequential mold opening control mechanism is often required.

4. Auxiliary system for plastic molds

The general plastic mold has the following three systems, namely the pouring system, the ejection system, and the cooling system. Sometimes, because of the high temperature that the plastic material used needs to be heated, some heating systems exist in some molds.

5. Core pulling mechanism

When the plastic product has holes or hooks laterally, the mold must also be provided with one or more mechanisms for processing the holes and the hooks, such as sliders, inclined push rods, hydraulic cylinders and the like. The mechanism for this treatment is called a lateral split core pulling mechanism.

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