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Plastic mold temperature control method

Plastic mold temperature control is the important link in the process of plastic mold production, let's look at the plastic mold temperature control:

1. The liquid control act

Cooling media usually with cooling water, warm water and oil, etc., in the cooling cycles to reach the purpose of temperature control in the hole. Cooling hole as far as possible big but must not to hurt the ejector pin, pin, cavity, the position of the mold core, and the intensity is advisable. The pathway of the media should be in accordance with the different showing content and temperature conditions to determine the flow order. Traffic in large circulation is required to make the difference between the liquid temperature and mould temperature as possible.

2. The electric control

Mold temperature must remain above 100 ℃, the electric control USES mostly. To make the electric heater closely fit with the mold, usually are made into band or mold dedicated forms such as bar, the joint part of rust should be paid attention to.

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