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Plastic mold factory labor contract management

There is the place of employment relationship, and typically have a labor contract, Plastic mold factory is not exceptional also, let's take a look at the plastic mold factory labor contract management.

The labor contract system, the company to employ workers, employees after the obtainment of the labor contract, labor date from the date of the employee induction, the labor contract by both parties each hold one copy. Employees receive when labor contract should be sign for it.

Second, use unified labor contract labor bureau to print the text of the labor contract, the labor contract must be the signature by the employees, the company's stamp.

Third, the labor contract since formed upon signature and seal of both parties and come into effect;

Four, company and employees agree to terminate the labor contract. Employees shall sign the agreement agree to remove fatigue

Move the agreement of the contract.

Five, the employee is under any of the following circumstances, the company may terminate the labor contract:

(1) during the probation period was proved not accord with employ condition;

(2) a serious breach of labor discipline or the company rules and regulations;

(3) serious dereliction of duty, malpractice, which causes great damage to the company's interests. Which causes great damage to the company's interests is refers to the (not limited to, thereby causing loss to the company's reputation or economic loss.

(4) be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law or reeducation through labor;

(5) other circumstances stipulated by laws, regulations and rules.

Any of the following circumstances, automatically terminate labor contract:

(1) labor termination of contract, both parties no longer renew;

(2) employee death, death, or by a people's court declared missing;

(3) the company is declared bankrupt according to law, be revoked business license, ordered to close down, revoked or decides to dissolve ahead;

(4) other circumstances stipulated by laws, regulations and rules.

Eight, the labor contract expires company need to renew the labor contract, workers 30 days in advance notice, and within 30 days to sign labor contract; No longer to renew, inform employees, before the expiration of the contract within 15 working days after the expiration of the contract, terminate the labor contract formalities.

The contract is not only suitable for plastic mold factory, also suitable for most of the manufacturing enterprise.

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