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Industry new

Plastic mould machining is introduced

Front introduces various knowledge of Plastic mold factory, today, let's take a look at what is a plastic mold machining, plastic mould processing which several ways are there?

Turning processing:

1, scope, rough car, half fine, fine car and fine.

2, the machining accuracy IT6 ~ IT8.

3, the surface roughness Ra1.6 ~ 0.8 um.

4, the craft features:

(1) once installation is complete, both inside and outside round, end and cutting processing, to ensure the position precision of the machined surface.

(2) cutting smooth

(3) tool is simple, easy to manufacture, the clamping is convenient, the price is low.

The milling:

1, the processing scope of flat, grooved, cant, cavity.

2, the machining accuracy IT8 ~ IT10.

3, the surface roughness Ra 1.6 ~ 0.8 um.

4, the craft features:

(1) processing adaptability

(2) cutting with high efficiency

(3) the processing precision is high

(4) by forming grinding or edm precision work.

 Jie vibration plastic mould processing

Planing process:

1, the range of plate surface, inclined surface and all kinds of complicated shape.

2, the processing precision IT10.

3, the surface roughness Ra 1.6 um.

4, process characteristics: flexible and easy processing.


1, flat, circular, cylindrical, etc.

2, the processing precision IT5 ~ IT7.

3, the surface roughness Ra0.8 ~ 0.2 um.

4, process characteristics: mold finishing.

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