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The relationship between the size and the shape of the gate in the injection mould

In the design of the injection mould, the gate size is directly related to the flowing property of the melt material flowing into the cavity. Today, the editor of Dongguan Plastic mold factory to discuss this issue with you.

If the gate is large, not only will produce underpacked (Queliao), and the products of the dent, pastespot, soluble defect 1ine etc are prone to bad appearance. There are occasions in the small gate, there is a tendency to form shrinkage. And from the strength of molded products, the gate is too small, the strength becomes weak. Conversely, if the gate is too large, the excess residual stress around the gate is the cause of deformation and crack. There are large cross section of the gate is also large, then the time of curing time growth, molding capacity is not good.

Well, the above is the gate of the injection mold size and shape of the relationship between the discussion, the majority of people engaged in the mold industry, such as the views of the different opinions.

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