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Plastic mould CNC milling machining knowledge

Today to customers engaged in the plastic mold industry organize plastic mold knowledge of CNC milling, respectively introduced above points: 1, milling, clamping bad workpiece when cutting tool path. One of the best way 2, start cutting cavity. 3, the shortage of the traditional cutting mould Angle method. 4, the solution.

1, the milling tool path when clamping undesirable artifacts: for long tool length (more than 3 times the diameter), in the case of since no vibration side milling insert is recommended to use milling milling (axial)

Cutting cavity 2, start one of the best way is to use an X/Y, and Z direction of the linear slope cutting, in order to achieve full axial cutting depth; Also can undertake circular interpolation in the form of spiral milling. This is a very good method, because it can produce smooth cutting effect, and requires only the beginning of a small space, initial drilling hole is not recommended.

3, the lack of traditional cutting Angle of cavity method: linear interpolation (G01), in the Angle of the transition of discontinuity. When cutting tool to corner, due to the dynamic characteristics of the linear axis limits, cutting tool have to slow down. Before change the direction of feed motor, a short pause, this can cause a lot of heat and friction. A long contact length leads to the instability of cutting force, and often make the corner cutting. Typical is the result of the vibration cutting tool and the longer, the greater the total overhanging or cutting tool, the greater the vibration.

4, the solution: use first radius of rough machining tool, with less than the radius of the rounded cutting tool for processing.

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