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The effect of plastic mold products wall thickness and design

1.the action of products wall thickness

       (1) make the products to determine the structure and the certain strength, stiffness, in order to meet the using demand of the products.

      (2) has a good time molding flow state (such as wall not too thin), and filling and the cooling effect is not too thick (such as wall)

      (3) reasonable wall thickness of the products can be smoothly out of the mould.

      (4) meet insert fixed and parts assembly strength requirement.

      (5) prevent buckling deformation of products.

2. the products design of wall thickness

        Basic principles - uniform wall thickness, i.e., the mold filling, cooling contraction and good shape, high dimensional accuracy and high productivity.

       (1) under the condition of meet the requirements of the use of products structure and, as far as possible with smaller wall thickness.

       (2)The design of the wall thickness,  products to withstand ejection device such as shock and vibration.

       (3) in the products of connection solid JinChu, insert into place should have enough thickness.

       (4) ensure that in the process of storage and handling strength required.

       (5) meet the required wall thickness when molding mold filling, and avoid the melt fracture or wall thickness are prone to depression.

       Failing to avoid uneven wall thickness, wall thickness design can be in the form of gradual transition.

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