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Gate form and position in plastic mold

Today is August 1 Army Day, unknowingly another month. The recent weather is like a steamer, very hot, walking on the road, at any time can enjoy the natural steam sauna. Walking hormones can be seen everywhere on the streets. Well, today's Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the plastic mold in the gate form and location.

The types of gates are:

⑴ direct gate: also known as the main channel type gate, its advantages: to facilitate the exhaust and eliminate the scratches marks, mold body is simple and compact. Disadvantages: extended cycle, overpressure filling, prone to residual stress. Applicable to single cavity mold.

⑵ side gate: generally set in the sub-surface, by the plastic side of the feed, widely used in multi-cavity mold. The gate is connected to the manifold to take a slope or an excessive arc.

⑶ fan gate: it is a rectangular side of the gate of a variant of the form, although the processing of this gate is difficult, but it helps the melt evenly flow through the fan gate. Advantages: the plastic mold when the horizontal to get a more even distribution, reduce the product of the internal stress and the possibility of air into the air. Commonly used to form a large width of the flake products.

⑷ sheet gate: It is characterized by thinning the thickness of the gate, and the width of the gate side of the width of the product as a quarter to full width, gate step length of about 0.65mm. Advantages: the material can be evenly distributed in the parallel flow channel, with a lower line speed was parallel flow evenly into the cavity, reducing the internal stress of the product, reducing the orientation caused by the warping. Disadvantages: improve the production costs of products. Suitable for forming a large area of flat products.

⑸ ring gate: Advantages: uniform feed, the flow rate is roughly the same, the air is easy to discharge in the order, while avoiding the side gate of the core opposite the melting marks. Mainly used for cylindrical products or products with holes in the middle.

⑹ spoke gate: This gate will be the whole circle of feed into a few paragraphs of circular feed, as shown in Figure 4.2. Advantages: easy to remove the gate, gate back material less. Disadvantages: increased melting points, plastic parts strength affected.

⑺ claw gate: the diversion channel and the gate is not in the same plane.

⑻ care ear gate: small gate plus ear protection, the role: to avoid the phenomenon of injection, reduce the speed, even into the cavity, to ensure that the quality of parts. Disadvantages: cut off the ear more trouble. Suitable for plexiglass, polycarbonate and other transparent materials and large ABS plastic molding.

⑼ point gate: is a small size of the gate gate. Advantages: self-cutting, no need to trim the gate, high production efficiency. Single cavity mold multi-cavity molds are suitable. After the broken point of the gate pouring material can be removed by hand or by the gate of the automatic shedding mechanism stripping.

⑽ latent gate: the use of latent gate only need two-plate single-type surface mold, and the use of point gate will need three-plate double-profile mold. Features: The gate position is generally selected in the side of the product does not affect the appearance of the place or processing of cylindrical shunt; shunt set in the sub-surface; gate parts should be designed for the mosaic structure.

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