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Caused by the difference of material plastic mold products lack of material analysis

If the mold temperature is not high, the material liquid significantly worse resin fat like poly carbonate (PC) get together this ether (PPO) in benzene dicarboxylic acid glycol ester (PETP), etc., this will have to make mold temperature over heated to 80 degrees (using the mould temperature control machine).

So-called material liquidity, generally refers to determine in a certain temperature, must under the pressure of the material in a certain period of time into the weight of the flow injection hole. Said the flow of material melt index of performance materials. For example: poly ethylene melt index is at 190 degrees and 2160 + - 10 degrees of load weight of 10 minutes when it is squeezed through the flow injection hole. As using the method for determination of resin fluidity, using spiral flow (spiral) mould, use this can be used to measure the length of the resin filling of the results.

(1) injection pressure maintaining time over a certain period of time has nothing to do with filling length, but too short can cause lack of fill (in).

(2) has nothing to do with the material within the cylinder retention time.

(3) if too slow injection speed, filling, become inadequate, but above a certain value will be little impact.

(4) the temperature of the die for good, also small effect.

(5) the screw can be plasticizing trip if have a little rest, filling length is longer.

(6) injection pressure and the filling length roughly in a straight line.

(7) material in appropriate areas of molding temperature, temperature of roughly in a straight line with filling length ratio.

(8) the thickness of the cavity with filling length, generally in a straight line.

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