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Plastic mold factory attendance system

The management of an enterprise whether proper, from the employee's attendance system can probably see to understand, generally a good mold enterprise employee attendance system will be relatively well, the following presents a Plastic mold factory attendance system.

Working time: 8:00-12:00 13:30-18:00

Second, the crew must carefully observe work and rest time, on time to and from work, and not to be late, leave early.

Third, the company adopts fingerprint check in.

Four, to be late, leave early:

1, a single to be late, leave early 5-10 minutes (including) deductions within 10 yuan.

2, single late, leave early and deduct $20-30 minutes;

3, single late, leave early deductions within 31 minutes, 2 hours 30 yuan.

4, single late, leave early button for more than 2 hours on the day of the salary;

5, a single less than 5 minutes late, leave early for the accumulative, cumulative results according to the above regulations;

6, all that happens during the month late, leave early single or up to (including) for 10 minutes, do not enjoy the full frequently.

Five, the employees have something need to go out, need to register the employee access registration form ", to indicate the time, content, location, and the signature.

Six, the staff does not make any formalities in accordance with the provisions from jobs or out is the leave without authorization, 10 minutes deductions 5 yuan, 10 -- 30 minutes according to absenteeism will be punished as half a day, more than 30 minutes according to punish absenteeism day;

Seven, on business, can't work for private, applies a system of written off.

1, ask for leave must be signed by department manager

2, special circumstances to written off, can't go to work, should call for instructions in advance, with the approval of the department manager, and compensate leave formalities.

3, should strengthen attendance management office, the staff should earnestly implement written off system and leave formalities to unified management personnel.

4, leave has not been approved to leave jobs, according to absenteeism processing.

5, absenteeism, 1 day, on the basis of the wages not hair, add a third day of basic wage, absenteeism not enjoy full frequently during the month award; Absenteeism more than five days in a row, or accumulated more than ten days throughout the year, will be fired (don't send information task fee)

6, staff personal leave not enjoy full frequently, sick leave, need to provide proof of normal hospital open cases within 1 day sick leave, enjoy the day wages; Sick leave less than 3 days of 50% of basic salary, more than 3 days sick leave or not enjoy full frequently during the month;

This is plastic mold factory employees' attendance system.

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