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What are the contents of plastic mold assembly

Today is December 10, unknowingly, the time flies really fast, a year passed quickly. Recently really is very busy, until Sunday evening to have time to update the site, today we introduce the contents of the plastic mold assembly what are the mold assembly process generally includes preparation, assembly, assembly, inspection and commissioning of four stages.

(1) preparation stage

Includes: Study Assembly Drawings, Clean Check Parts, Prepare Assembly Tools

(2) assembly stage

Parts are assembled according to the functions of each part.

(3) The total assembly phase

Including the following:

1) Choose a good assembly reference, arrange the upper and lower mold assembly sequence.

2) The parts and assembled parts, assembled in accordance with the assembly sequence together to become a complete mold.

3) mold assembly is completed, we must ensure that the assembly accuracy, to meet the specified technical requirements.

(4), inspection and commissioning phase

Including the following:

1) In accordance with the technical conditions of mold acceptance, testing various parts of the mold function.

2) In the actual production conditions for test mode, adjust, amend the mold, mold products until qualified.

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