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Basic theory of production management for plastic mould enterprises

Plastic mold factory production management is to strictly according to customer requirements, quality, variety, quantity and delivery date of manufacturing products or services, and make full use of production resources of enterprises and organize production activities and management activities.

First, the main task of production management

1, foreign: the completion of the product variety, quality, quantity, cost and delivery, and other requirements.

2, on the inside: continuously reduce consumption and resources, improve enterprise efficiency and competitiveness.

3, strain: external demand and requirements change, the internal need to have the ability to respond quickly to change.

Two, the basic problems of production management

1, to ensure and continuously improve the quality. The quality of stability is determined by the stability of the production process.

2, reduce the production cost of products. Such as people, materials, equipment, energy, plant, capital occupation, etc..

3, shorten the delivery period. Design cycle, purchasing cycle, manufacturing cycle, testing cycle, etc..

4, strengthen service.

5, improve the speed of response to customer needs.

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