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Flow performance of plastic in plastic mold

Today is March 14, blink of an eye in March also had more than half, and time flies really fast, such as the white horse like a slip away. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor to see you look at plastic mold plastic flow performance. Plastic in a certain temperature, the role of pressure, filling the mold cavity performance, known as the plastic flow.

Plastic flow is poor, it is not easy to fill the cavity, so the need for a larger forming pressure to shape.

 plastic flow is good, you can use a smaller forming pressure filled cavity. But the mobility is too good, will make the plastic in the formation of a serious overflow, filling is not dense, plastic parts loose, easy sticky mold.

   Thermoplastic plasticity Common melt index (unit g), spiral length (in cm).

 factors that affect plastic mobility

Plastic molecular structure and composition:

With linear molecular structure plastic flow is good. Adding filler, reducing fluidity, adding plasticizers and lubricants, and increasing the fluidity of plastics.


High plastic temperature, good fluidity. At the time of molding, the flowability can be controlled by adjusting the temperature. PS, PP, PA, PMMA, ABS, AS, PC, CA are sensitive to temperature.


Injection pressure ↑, by the shear ↑, mobility ↑.

Mold structure:

Including the mold casting system in the form, size and layout; cooling system design rationality; melt flow resistance and other factors. Where the melt temperature is reduced, the flow resistance increases, will reduce the mobility.

 Commonly used thermoplastic plasticity:

Good liquidity

Nylon PA, polyethylene PE, polystyrene PS, polypropylene PP, cellulose acetate CA.

Liquidity is medium

ABS, plexiglass PMMA, POM, chlorinated polyether CPT.

Poor mobility

Polycarbonate PC, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyphenylene oxide PPO, polysulfone PSU, fluorine plastic.

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