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What is the exhaust system of the plastic mold

About plastic mold exhaust system is what, today Plastic mold factory small series to the majority of workers engaged in plastic mold. The exhaust system of the plastic mould is usually a slot arranged in the mold shaped outlet, with gas to discharge the original cavity and melt into the air.
     The exhaust system is set up to: air and gas will melt plastic injection molding process and medium cavity produced by the exclusion of the mold, poor exhaust product surface will form a gas mark (gas lines) and burn bad; the exhaust system of the plastic mould is usually a groove arranged in the shape in a mold gas with gas to discharge the original cavity and melt into the air.
       The molten material into the cavity, the original in the cavity and the gas into the air from the melt must be in the  material flow through the exhaust port to the outside of the die at the end of discharge, otherwise it will make the products with porosity, poor contact and filling, even the air accumulated due to compression caused by high temperature products will burn. In general, the exhaust hole can be located in the cavity flow of melt end type or in the mold on the surface. The latter is to open the side of the concave die deep 0.03-0.2mm, wide 1.5-6mm shallow groove.
      Injection, exhaust hole will not have a lot of melt exudation, because the melt will in the cooling channel blocked. The opening position of the exhaust port must not be in front of the operator, to prevent the molten material from accidental discharge of wounding. In addition, the gap between the top and the top holes can be used, and the top block and the stripper plate are matched with the core.

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