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The selection and introduction of plastic die steel

Last time for engaged in plastic mould industry colleagues introduced the characteristics of plastic die steel P20 jie vibration mould of small make up today to continue to introduce the plastic die steel H - and 13 S - 7 characteristics of the steel.

The two all have high toughness and mechanical fatigue resistance, the H 13 steel (RC50-52), high toughness, and 7 S - steel due to the high hardness (RC 55 to 57), so it has better durability. Two kinds of steel all no special glass or mineral resin filling agent of abrasion resistance. In filling resin application, usually at gate embedded A -, D - 2 or M - 2 steel. More than 8 x 8 x 8 inches (202.4 * 202.4 * 202.4 mm), hardness and toughness to be higher than that of P - 20 cavity, often choose H 13 steel. Smaller cavity and core S - seven commonly used steel. S - 7 steel in air quenching heat treatment into 2 1/2 inch (63.25 mm) or smaller cross-sectional, and through this process, get good dimensional stability. H - and 13 S - 7 big cross section must be particularly in oil quenching.

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