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Shrinkage of plastic mould products

In the production of plastic mold manufacturing most of GE PLASTICS resin molding shrinkage of small, uniform and predictable. For general no amorphous resin filling, the shrinkage range of 0.004 ~ 0.008 inches per inch. Glass is enhanced with anisotropic shrinkage or crystalline fat, it must be taken into account in the mold design.

Because the crystalline, the crystalline tree also has a high shrinkage rate. For each specific resin, should refer to the data table, in order to determine an appropriate range. Data in the table values along with the change of part geometry and the molding conditions change. The wall thickness, pressure, mold and melt temperature, injection speed and the change of other parameters, will be on the material shrinkage, a larger impact.

Pressure volume one temperature (PVT) data can be used for injection molding simulation, in order to estimate the influence of processing conditions on the isotropic shrinkage. PVT characteristics described the polymer volume, with temperature and static pressure change produced by the change of situation, and PVT data provides the injection molding process, the molten or solid polymer, the temperature and pressure within the scope of the compressibility and thermal expansion materials. For a particular resin grades, please refer to the specific product details information, in order to obtain the volume of a specific product with the relevant data of temperature and pressure change.

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