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Molding stroke and ejection mechanism check in plastic mold design

Today is September 19th, 19th, and I have passed more than half of the month. I am really the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory in the past few months. 's arrival Let us work hard together to cheer. Today, we will introduce the calibration of the mold opening stroke and the launching mechanism in the plastic mold design.

The mold opening stroke is the minimum opening and closing distance required to take out the plastic from the mold, indicated by H, which must be less than the maximum stroke S of the moving template of the injection machine. Due to the different clamping mechanism of the injection machine, the mold opening stroke can be checked in the following two cases: one is that the mold opening stroke is independent of the thickness of the mold; the other is that the mold opening stroke is related to the thickness of the mold. What we choose here is that the mold opening stroke is independent of the mold thickness, and it is a single-part molding injection mold.

1. When the mold opening stroke is independent of the mold thickness

This situation mainly refers to the injection molding mechanism is a hydraulic-mechanical combined injection machine, the template stroke is determined by the large stroke of the linkage mechanism, and is independent of the mold thickness. There are two more types of this situation:

(1) For a single-part injection mold, the required mold opening stroke H is:

S H = H1 + H2 + (5 ~ 10) mm

Where, H1—plastic part ejection distance (also can be used as the punch height) (mm);

     H2—plastic height (mm) including the gating system;

     S—the maximum stroke of the moving plate of the injection machine (mm);

     H — required mold opening stroke (mm).

And we can get the information here:

H = 15 + 95 + 8 = 118 (mm).

(2) For double-split injection molds, the required mold opening stroke is:

S machine H = H1 + H2 + a + (5 ~ 10) mm

Where a is the separation distance (mm) between the intermediate plate and the fixed mold.

2. The inspection of the launching agency

The ejection device and the maximum ejection distance of various types of injection machines are different. When designing the mold, the ejection mechanism should be compatible with the injection machine, and the specific information can be checked.

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