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Technical parameters of injection molding machine in plastic mold production

Yesterday is the 61 Children's Day, I believe many children and big friends are in their own way to spend the holiday. Plastic mold production and molding in a lot of technical parameters need us all familiar with the understanding, and today we look at the plastic mold production in the injection machine technical parameters.

(1) Injection volume (nominal injection):

Refers to the maximum injection volume that can be reached by the injection device when the injection screw or plunger is used for a maximum injection stroke under an empty injection condition. Select the injection machine, the actual injection should be injection injection machine nominal injection of 25% -70%.

(2) Injection pressure:

The screw (or plunger) is the pressure applied to the plastic melt to overcome the flow resistance of the plastic through the nozzles, runners and cavities.

Injection pressure selection:

A. Plastic fluidity is good, simple shape, wall thickness larger, <70Mpa;

B. Low viscosity shape, precision requirements in general, 70 ~ 100Mpa;

C. Medium and high viscosity plastic, plastic parts shape, precision requirements in general, l00 ~ 140Mpa;

D. Plastic parts of the higher viscosity, thin wall or uneven, long process, high precision requirements, 140 ~ 180 Mpa, high-precision plastic parts, 230 ~ 25O Mpa

(3) clamping force:

The force of the mold clamping mechanism to prevent the parting surface from opening up during the injection.


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