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Plastic mold production process commonly used in the process file

In the production of plastic mold, it should be based on the structure and shape of the parts, the complexity of the processing requirements and the production type and the existing equipment conditions of the preparation of the process file. The process documents should be concise and to the point, clearly, in order to achieve the purpose of guiding production.

After determining the mold process rules, each process task generally in the form of a table or a card fixed form, as a guide to the operation of workers and technical documents, production process management, this kind of technical documents called process documents.

(1) process card. The process card is a kind of process document which is a process for the process and assembly process of mould and parts. It is mainly according to the processing order, list the whole mold products or parts processing through the technological process and technological content, the use of equipment and process equipment, time quota, it is ready for production, production planning and organization of production basis, the general master production scheduling and production process management personnel, to the whole process of organization and command production.

(2) process card. Process card is a part of the process of the process of a process in the preparation of a process document. It is a process for a particular process, mainly for the production and operation of the workers to carry out a process. With the process of the technical requirements, parts diagram, process diagram and process requirements necessary contents in the card column. The production workers can carry out the production operation according to the process card.

Because the production organization form is not the same, so the specific format of the process is not the same, but the basic content is similar. Process document is an important basis for the organization and command of the mold production, is the mold production and manufacture of normative documents.

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