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Plastic mould CAD/CAM profile

Modern science and technology increasingly developed, mould manufacturing technology are also constantly improve, so now CAD/CAM technology obtained the rapid development, expanding application range.

Computer aided design and manufacturing, CAD/CAM for short, refers to is based on computers as the main technical means, processing all kinds of digital information and graphics, assisted in the process of product design and manufacturing activities. The emphasis is on product modeling, mold design, drawing and the generation of nc data. No matter in terms of increase productivity, improve quality, or in terms of reduce cost, reduce labor intensity, the superiority of CAD/CAM technology is one of the traditional mould design and manufacturing methods can not match.

At present, the company in the use of the mold design of software are mainly in PRO/E, UG, CIMATRON, AUTOCAD, etc., reasonable use of these mold design software, can greatly save the time of design calculation and drawing and shorten the production period of the mould.


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