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Factors affecting the speed of electric spark forming in plastic mould factory

Dongguan Plastic mold factory colleagues, you know the plastic mold factory in the impact of electrical discharge machining speed of the factors which have? Today, the small series of Jiezhen plastic mold to take a look at what factors affect the speed of electric spark forming.

1, polarity effect due to the positive and negative electrodes, resulting in the amount of material removal is different from the phenomenon called polarity effect.
       (1) the positive electrode processing: the use of short pulse processing, electron bombardment is greater than the ion, the positive electrode of the larger, the workpiece is connected to the cathode. Short pulse is less than 40 s, the surface quality is high, the efficiency is low, is used in the fine processing.
      (2) negative polarity: the wide pulse processing, cathode erosion amount is greater than the positive and negative work properly. Long pulse is greater than 300 s, the surface quality is low, the efficiency is high, used for rough machining.

2, the larger the pulse parameters, the more heat transferred to the workpiece, the greater the amount of corrosion. In the unit time, the total eclipse of the positive (or negative) is: Q = QTF = kwft. Measures: to increase the average discharge current, reduce the pulse interval, improve the pulse frequency, reasonable selection of working parameters.

3, pulse width increases the amount of pulse width etching, but the pulse width is too short, the heat is too concentrated, the percentage of the metal vaporization throws increases, the heat of vaporization consumes more energy, resulting in the decrease of the amount of corrosion. The pulse width is too long, by conduction of the heat loss is too high, thus reducing the erosion.

4, materials thermodynamic constants of melting point, boiling point, heat, melting heat, heat of vaporization ratio higher, electrical erosion quantity is less, the more difficult to be machined. The bigger the heat conduction coefficient, heat conduction loss, reduce their corrosion quantity.
Well, the above is the plastic mold factory in the impact of electrical discharge machining speed of the factors, the professional terminology, you slowly digest!

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