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Talking about the current development of plastic mold

Today is December 19th. Think about how fast the day is going. One year will soon pass, and what we have gained in this year, what we have lost, what we have learned, what we have experienced, Think about it really is a million. Well, today to talk about the current development of plastic molds.

In today's society, 60% to 80% of parts in automotive, electrical appliances, meters, motors, electronics, communications, home appliances, and light industry must be formed according to molds. The requirements are becoming more and more urgent, the accuracy requirements are becoming higher and higher, and the structural requirements are becoming more and more complicated. The level of mold production technology has become an important indicator for measuring the manufacturing level of a country's products. This topic is a mold design based on plastic bowls commonly used in households.

The plastics industry has developed very rapidly in the past 20 years. As early as many years ago, the annual output of plastics has exceeded the total annual output of steel and non-ferrous metals in terms of volume. It is widely used in various fields related to life. Although there are many methods for forming plastic products, the most important method is injection molding. About half of the world's plastic mold production is injection molds. With the increasing complexity and precision requirements of plastic products and the shortening of production cycles, traditional mold design methods, which mainly rely on experience, are no longer able to meet market requirements. In terms of large, complex and small precision injection molds, China still needs to import molds from abroad.

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