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Current Situation of Mold Industry in China

Today is July 7, the past few days because of busy, so there is no time to update the article, and today we talk to you at this stage of the development of mold industry status quo, as the mold industry, white, the following represents the individual Point of view, you mold the old birds do not laugh at the industry.

In China, mold manufacturing is a special equipment manufacturing industry. Although China has long started manufacturing molds and the use of molds, but long-term did not form industry. It was not until the late 1980s that China's mold industry entered the fast lane of development. The In recent years, not only state-owned mold enterprises have great development, foreign-funded enterprises, township (individual) mold business development is also quite rapid. It can be seen, although the rapid development of China's mold industry, but compared with the demand, obviously in short supply, the main gap focused on precision, large, complex, long life mold field. As in terms of mold accuracy, life expectancy, manufacturing cycle and production capacity, China and the international average and developed countries still have a large gap, therefore, need a large number of imported molds each year.

China's mold industry in addition to continue to improve production capacity, the future should focus on the internal structure of the industry to adjust and improve the level of technological development. Structural adjustment, the main structure of the enterprise to the professional adjustment, product structure toward the development of high-grade mold, to the import and export structure of the improvement, high-end automotive panel mold forming analysis and structural improvements, multi-functional composite mold and composite processing and laser technology In the mold design and manufacturing applications, high-speed cutting, ultra-finishing and polishing technology, information technology direction.

At present, the plastic plastic parts in the national economy and daily life in the increasingly wide range of applications, play a pivotal role in the plastic plastic parts processing is basically a mold through the molding. In many molding methods, injection molding dominates, the quality of plastic parts, the efficiency and cost of production and the structure of the mold, the use of performance is closely related, therefore, design and manufacture of reasonable structure, the use of excellent performance injection molding die Become the focus of attention of plastic manufacturers.

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