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Specification for the ejection of plastic molds and sliders

Today is Sunday, November 25th. As the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, I have been derelict in recent months, because I have not updated the website for three or four months. This year's mold industry has been really a few months, so I didn't have the motivation to update the website. However, in recent months, it should slowly recover. Today we introduce the specifications of plastic mold ejection and slider.

1. The ejector reset is smooth, no lag and no abnormal noise.

2. The sliding parts should have oil grooves (except for the top rod).

3. The size of the counterbore and the ejector head of the ejector fixing plate is the matching size, and the shims are not allowed: the ejector pin is strictly prohibited from moving up and down.

4. The end face of the ejector pin should be 0~0.1mm higher than the core surface. The ejector pin should have a non-rotating position and be numbered.

5. The top plate reset must be in place. If necessary, increase the pre-reset device or reset the stroke switch; there should be rubbish nails under the top plate to prevent the dirt from affecting the mold reset.

6. For the case that the product is easy to follow the inclined ejector when it is ejected, other corresponding ejector pins may be grooved or etched, but the principle shall not affect the appearance and function of the product.

7. The matching clearance between the jack hole and the ejector pin, the length of the sealing section and the finish of the ejector hole shall be processed according to the relevant enterprise standards.

8. The ejection distance is limited by the application of the limit block. The material of the limit block is 45# steel, which cannot be replaced by screws, and the bottom surface must be flat.

9. The root of the inclined top is made of wear-resistant guide slider and trough type, and the middle part should have guide sliding wear block, which is built in the formwork. The inclined top surface conforms to the shape requirements of the cavity and the core, and is lower than the cavity and the core surface by 0.1 to 0.15 mm (the appearance surface is required by the drawings).

10. Pulling the core slider should use the inclined guide column as much as possible. The angle of the inclined guide column should be 2-3 degrees smaller than the angle of the locking surface of the slider. If the stroke is too large, it can be driven by a cylinder.

11. The slider core must have a travel limit device, the limit must be stable and reliable; the cylinder core should have a travel switch control position.

12. The larger slider should be avoided as far as possible in the direction of the mold installation to avoid the loss of control: if it cannot be avoided, the reliability of the limit mechanism should be considered.

13. The sliding fit length of the slider is usually 1.5 times larger than the sliding distance of the slider. After the core is finished, the length retained in the sliding slot should not be less than 2/3 of the length of the sliding slot: the sliding distance of the slider should be It is larger than the core distance of 2-3mm, and the inclined top is similar.

14. The T-slot must be in the form of a slider platen and positioned with a locating pin. The bottom surface of the sliding groove of the slider should generally have a wear plate, the material of the wear plate T8A, quenched to HRC50-55, the wear plate should be 0.05-0.1mm higher than the large surface, and the wear plate should have an oil groove.

15. The sliding surface of the slider should have a wear plate, the material of the wear plate T8A, quenched to HRC50-55, the surface of the wear plate is 0.1-0.15mm above the surface of the slider, and the wear plate should have an oil groove.

16. The return spring is made of standard parts. The two ends can't be ground or cut. The bottom of the return spring mounting hole must be flat. The diameter of the mounting hole is 5mm larger than the spring. The light load is a rectangular blue mold spring. The heavy load can be red, lighter load. Available in yellow).

17. The spring inside the diameter exceeding Φ20mm should have a guide rod. The guide rod is 10-15mm longer than the spring (the spring should have a pre-compression amount, and the pre-compression amount is generally 10%-15% of the total length of the spring).

18. The end face of the reset rod must be flat, no spot welding is allowed, and the gasket is not allowed at the bottom of the embryo head.

19. The bottom of the guide sleeve must be vented to allow the air from the closed cavity formed when the guide post enters the guide sleeve.

Note: The above information from the Jiezheng mold  finishing  on the Internet, welcome reproduced, indicate the source!


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