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A brief introduction to injection molding equipment

Dongguan furniture factory this morning, friends are not going to work together, just want to go out to start pouring heavy rain it? Editors are experiencing such a situation, but despite the rain, to work or rain or shine. Today for you to briefly introduce injection molding equipment.

Plastic injection molding equipment is commonly referred to as plastic injection molding machine, referred to as injection molding machine or injection molding machine. It can be in a certain molding process conditions, the use of plastic molding mold thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics processed into a variety of different uses of plastic products to meet the various needs of human and social development.

First, the structure of the injection machine

A general-purpose injection machine mainly includes injection system, mold clamping system, hydraulic control system and electrical control and other four parts.

Second, the classification of injection machine

1, according to the shape of the structural characteristics of classification

Horizontal injection machine, vertical injection machine, angle injection machine

2, according to the size of the injection machine size classification

3, according to the classification of plastic and injection methods

Screw injection machine, plunger injection machine

4, according to the characteristics of the mold device classification

Hydraulic, hydraulic mechanical, mechanical

Third, the injection machine specifications and technical parameters

Injection machine model standard representation:

1, injection volume representation

2, clamping force representation

3, clamping force and injection volume representation (Table 2-20)

Reasonable choice of molding equipment First of all, to understand the structure of the injection machine, classification and the main parameters of the content, so that the design of mold and injection machine to adapt to each other.

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