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Plastic mould gate type (lower)

At the end of the flow of plastic mold, the entrance of the mold cavity is called the gate. Gate plays the most important role in injection molding. The last introduces the standard type gate, direct gate, fan gate, film gate, disc gate the fifth gate type for everyone, today again to introduce other types of plastic mold gate.

1 ring gate: in the outer cylindrical products, surrounded by a circular channel, and then from the annular channel disc gate set into a circular cavity, its purpose and disc gate, film gate, fan gate again, to make the material flow direction, forming the internal skew and prevent product set.

Two 2 Gate: from the flow of material, not directly into the hole, first through a small piece of sub flow into the mold. After the two gate, the material flows smoothly into the mold cavity and through the two friction heating action, the flow property is less than that of the finished product. On the other hand, the material enters the mold cavity the speed to slow down, may also prevent the injection situation to occur, may obtain the better surface. Poor mobility materials such as PC, PVC, PMMA and so on are all using this gate. Stem shaped gate.

3 dive gate: ordinary gate, mostly on the parting surface. The gate is in the fixed side or moving side of the template, to sneak into the mold cavity, when the mold opening or the finished product ejection, the gate is automatically cut off.

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