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Plastic classification of plastic injection molding

Today is October 18th, and it’s autumn in a blink of an eye. Not to mention, the weather in Dongguan has been affected by cold air recently, and the temperature has dropped a lot. Here, the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory would like to remind everyone to keep warm by adding clothes. I have not updated the website for three months. Today, I will introduce the classification of plastics for plastic injection molding.

According to the molecular structure and characteristics of synthetic resins, it can be divided into thermoplastic plastics and thermosetting plastics.

Thermoplastics: The molecular structure of synthetic resins in this type of plastic is linear or branched.

Thermosetting plastics: The molecular structure of the resin in this type of plastic is ultimately a body structure. At the beginning of heating, the molecule has a linear structure. Therefore, it has plasticity and solubility, and can be molded into a certain shape of plastic parts. When heating continues, the main chains of linear molecules form chemical bonds (ie, cross-linking), and the molecules become a network structure. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the cross-linking reaction further develops, and the molecules eventually become body-shaped structures. It does not melt, and the shape of the plastic part is fixed and no longer changes.

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