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What are plastic mold cavity edm sorrow shortcomings

Cavity plastic moulds and what kind of edm process methods are there? What are their fears weaknesses? Jiezhen mold below small make up take you see.

(1) single electrode translation method. Advantages just an electrode, an installation, electrode is not restricted by discharge gap, working liquid flow. Disadvantages: difficult to work out 淸 edge, Angle of the cavity, the cavity bottom of design or literal translation will not be used.

(2) the method of multi electrode to replace. Advantages: high profile precision, suitable for more screaming, slit mold processing. Disadvantages: need multiple electrodes, require multiple electrodes good consistency and replacing electrode positioning clamping precision is high.

(3) the decomposition of electrode method. Advantages: can be according to the different processing conditions of main and deputy cavity choose different processing gauged. To improve machining precision and machining quality. Simplify the electrode manufacture, easy dressing electrode. Weakness: the replacement of the main and auxiliary electrode, the main negative mould cavity and high positioning precision requirements between electrodes.

The above three points is mold plastic mold edm process and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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