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Light crust about plastic mould products

Roughness on the surface of the products (all contact with the mould size) determined by the mold surface finish, if the mould finish is not good, because of the small concave and convex surface will make the finish of products is poor, so in the transparent material products, light transmittance is dropped, reduced transparency.

Because of the high mold temperature, degree of finish is good, so use a lot of warm water circulation in the mould keep the mold temperature to a certain value, make the products of heat transfer immediately, in this way can not only shorten the cycle and the products of the small residual stress can be obtained. Have to die in order to get finish high mold products surface of hard chromium plating processing, but the mold repair after injury is very hard.

Improve the plastic mold products surface finish:

1. Improve the mold temperature;

2. Improve the mold products surface smoothness;

3. Use horniness mould material, use diamond grinding powder grinding process.

Surface contact with the material of mold products because of poor liquidity, namely curing immediately, with mold products surface can't very well to say again. And predrying inadequate materials and materials of the volatilization of evaporation and condensation with mould contact exists between products and mould, after you make products become bad finish. Molding materials for finish good: GPPS, ABS, PP.


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