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The principle of plastic mold plastic structure structure design should follow

Today, we take a look at the plastic mold plastic structure of the process design should follow the principle of meeting the requirements of the use of a good structure under the premise of technology: refers to the plastic parts to meet the requirements of the use of the premise, its structure should be as far as possible Forming process requirements, thus simplifying the mold structure, reduce production costs.

Plastic structure of the structural design should follow the principles:

In the use of plastic parts to ensure the performance, physical, chemical, dielectric properties and mechanical properties under the premise of as far as possible the use of low prices and good shape of the plastic, and strive to simple structure, uniform wall thickness, forming convenient.

In the design of plastic parts should consider the overall structure of the mold, mold cavity easy to design and manufacture, mold core pulling and the introduction of a simple mechanism. In the design of plastic parts, should consider the raw material forming process, such as liquidity, shrinkage

Etc., plastic parts shape is conducive to mold classification, exhaust, fill and cooling. When the design of plastic parts require a higher appearance, it should first shape, and then gradually draw the pattern.


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