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The technical requirements of plastic mold assembly structure of the system

Technical requirements in plastic injection mold assembly structure, generally in accordance with the national drawing standards, but also requires the factory standard and national plant habit of representations and to accord with the requirement of stamping and process data, draw the assembly structure as far as possible using the ratio of 1:1, first by the cavity began to draw, main view and view other draw at the same time.

Mold assembly structure drawing technical requirements:

(1) for mold performance requirements of the certain system. In the ejection system, for example, the slide block core pulling structure assembly requirements.

(2) the mold assembly process requirements. Such as mold assembly is the classification of the joint surface after joint clearance should be no greater than 0.05 mm on the mould, the parallel degree requirements, and points out that determined by the assembly size and the size of the request.

(3) the mold use, installation method.

(4) anti oxidation treatment, mould number, lettering, tag, oil seal, storage and other requirements.

(5) the relevant test and inspection requirements.

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