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General acceptance requirements for various plastic molds

Today is the annual party building festival. The majority of friends of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory warmly celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party. Without the support of the party, our industry will not grow vigorously. Ok, the first half of the year is over, and in the second half we are even better. Today, we will introduce the general acceptance requirements for various plastic molds. The following is mainly for the acceptance requirements of injection molds, injection molds, and punching and shearing molds.

First, the injection mold

1. Whether the material/material of the mold meets the requirements (differentiating different steel materials);--hardness (hardness of hardness measured by hardness);

2. Whether the surface treatment in the mold meets the requirements (such as grinding);

3. Whether the size of the mold meets the requirements;

4. Whether the mold flow channel and the water transport design are reasonable;

5. There are any bad phenomena such as scratches in the cavity;

6. The upper mold test beer, measure the size of the beer, test, throw, pull and check the appearance, etc. meet the requirements.

Second, the fuel injection mold

After the mold returns to the factory, try the mold, check whether the mold material (copper) meets the definition requirements of PO, check the thickness of the mold cavity and the phenomenon of scratching, and then test spray to check whether the appearance of the fuel injection part meets the requirements.

Third, punching and shearing mold

After the mold returns to the factory, try the mold, check whether the mold specifications, dimensions and materials meet the design requirements of the factory and carry out the product punching operation test. The engineering and production department jointly confirm whether it is suitable for production.

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