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Plastic mould mainstream way design

Plastic mould mainstream way refers to a diversion from the injection molding machine nozzle and mould contact way so far for a period of material circulation, responsible for the plastic melt from the nozzle into the mold.

Mainstream perpendicular to the parting surface, in order to make the setting material can be smoothly pulled out from the mainstream way, mainstream way into cone, cone Angle is about 2 ° - 4 °. Is generally not the mainstream way open in the template, but it will open in A separate sprue bushing (standard), commonly used the sprue bushing has A, B two kinds (FIG. 3-10), the type B is to prevent the bushing in the melt under the action of backpressure exit mode.

Plastic mould mainstream way design

That should be paid attention to when design the mainstream way:

The inlet (1), usually the mainstream way is larger than the injection molding machine nozzle diameter 0.5 - diameter d 1 mm

(2), the mainstream way to import the side concave spherical radius of the SR should be larger than the injection molding machine nozzle radius of sphere 1 -- 2 mm

(3), in guarantee under the premise of forming conditions, the length of the mainstream way should be as short as possible, in order to reduce the pressure loss and waste



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