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Workshop equipment management of plastic mould factory

When it comes to the mold factory workshop management, is really a knowledge, the management of good and bad directly affect the operating conditions of the mold factory. So Plastic mold factory workshop equipment management is also very important. Therefore, it summarizes some of the equipment management experience, you can refer to the mold management staff.

1 workshop equipment designated person management.

2 strict implementation of the company's equipment use, maintenance, maintenance, management system, seriously implement the equipment maintenance system, strictly abide by the rules of operation.

3 do equipment management "three steps", adhere to the daily cleaning, weekly and monthly maintenance, every day after work and check the equipment operation control system and safety device, lubricating oil flow, oil and hydraulic oil level standard, and according to the lubrication chart oiling and oil quality inspection to be no problem before the formal work.

4 equipment inspection record, operation record complete and consistent account card, fill in a timely and accurate, clean and tidy.

5 the implementation of key equipment certificates for the operation, so that the card machine.

6 strict implementation of equipment accident reporting system, the general accident within 3 days, 24 hours of major accidents reported to the production supervisor or company leader.

7 for equipment to adhere to the eight requirements, namely: neat, clean, safe, lubrication, do "Three Goods" and "Sihui" "five discipline".

Three: make good use, good maintenance.

Four: use, maintenance, inspection, remove common breakdown.

Five disciplines: abide by the enterprise to develop mechanical safety operation rules, and keep the equipment clean and tidy, and according to the provisions of the gas, abide by the shift system; pipe good tools, accessories, shall not be lost; find fault stop immediately and notify the maintenance personnel to check, processing.

8 equipment operation, the observation equipment noise, temperature, pressure should be timely treatment and report; do diligence, diligence, diligence maintenance.

9 personnel from the post to be shut down, no equipment running empty.

10 keep equipment clean, no bubble, run, drip, leak.

11 the equipment should keep the operation control system, and the safety device is complete and reliable.

If you can do more than 11 points in place, I believe that in the plastic mold factory workshop equipment, this one will be able to do a good job.

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