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Mould parts blank form

The blank form of mold parts includes the following: casting, forging, prototyping, semi-finished parts, welding parts, stamping parts, cold extrusion parts, powder metallurgy. Dongguan Plastic mold factory below the small series to take a look at the first few parts of the mold parts.

Casting: the common parts of the die casting of stamping die on the upper and lower parts, large plastic mold frame, etc.. Commonly used materials are gray iron, ductile iron, alloy cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum alloy, etc..

Forging: a continuous and uniform metal fibrous tissue can be obtained by forging. Therefore, the mechanical properties of the forgings are better, which are commonly used in the important steel parts.

The prototype material mainly has the plate, the bar and wire rod and so on. Mainly used for manufacturing mold, punch non-standard etc..

Semi products: with the development of mold professional and specialization and standardization of mold improvement, the emergence of a large number of commercial cold punching mold, rectangular concave template, template, hold rectangular plate, parts and plastic injection mould base etc.. The blank form of this semi - finished product should be the main form of the blank.

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