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Method of eliminating the product 's flash in the production of plastic mold

Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor with everyone to see to see, plastic mold production to eliminate the method of flash products. The mold parting surface PL, the sliding mating surface, the stripping pin, the pad and the like. Constitute a mold of the gap between the various slots, if the material flow into a flash. The flash is wedged. There is a tendency to gradually become larger.

Let's take a look at the cause of the flash:

1. Mold parting (PL) sliding surface does not match.

2. Injection pressure is too high

3. The offset of the injection machine

4. lock the lack of pressure

Elimination of the product of the flash to the general principle of repairing the mold, due to the formation of good conditions and temporary flash, should be used to reduce the barrel temperature. Reduce the mold temperature, reduce the injection rate of material flow to reduce the direction of setting parameters. However, with this should be noted that will cause the internal stress within the product residue.

Eliminate the flash method:

1. Reduce the injection pressure and reduce the heating cylinder temperature. Reduce the injection speed.

2. Grinding the surface of the mold with flash.

3. Mold uses hard steel material.

Due to good fluid material is also prone to flash, so the mold parting surface to be tight.

Crystalline materials are very low in viscosity due to melting. Particularly need to mold the surface of the tight.

It should be noted that excessive pressure on the mold will also produce flash, between the sub-surface, folder foreign body damage the mold, but also produce flash.

Mold materials are usually used S50C and other materials (Japan JJS standard is equivalent to domestic 50 # steel) using HRC30 pre-hardened special steel, in the sub-surface is difficult to produce flash.

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