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Cutting properties of plastic mould steel rail

Involves many processes in the manufacturing of plastic moulds, and also has the unique processing method, each working procedure in the cutting process involves cutting properties of plastic mould steel cast iron. In general, it has the following features:

The higher hardness and strength of cast iron, the lower the metal cutting performance, from the lower blades and the service life of cutting tools can be expected. Used for metal cutting production of cast iron is the most types of metal cutting performance are generally very good. Metal cutting performance and structure, a hard pearlitic cast iron the processing difficulty is bigger also. Flake graphite cast iron and malleable cast iron has excellent cutting properties, and ductile cast iron is quite bad.

Processing the main wear type is encountered in the process of cast iron: abrasion, wear and diffusion bonding. Abrasion is mainly composed of carbide, sand and debris and hard casting surface. Have the devolop tumour adhesion wear under the condition of low cutting temperature and cutting speed. Ferrite part of the cast iron welding most easily to the blade, but this can be overcome with increasing cutting speed and temperature.

Diffusion wear, on the other hand, is associated with temperature, at high cutting speed, especially when using high strength cast iron grades. The brand has a high ability to resist deformation, resulting in a high temperature. The wear and tear associated with role between cast iron and the cutting tool, which makes some cast iron with ceramic or cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tool in high speed machining, in order to obtain good tool life and surface quality.

General typical tool attribute is required for processing cast iron, high hardness and chemical stability, but also related to process, workpiece and cutting condition; Requires that there be a cutting edge toughness, heat fatigue wear and blade intensity. Cutting cast iron satisfaction depends on how the wear of cutting edge development: rapid dull means to produce hot crack and the gap and make the cutting edge premature rupture, breakage, the surface of workpiece quality is poor, excessive waviness, etc. After normal blade wear, balance and sharp cutting edges is generally need to strive to do.

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