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Simple analysis of plastic mold injection molding

Plastic mold manufacturing, passes through many process and every process has its features, today we in plastic mold injection molding for a simple analysis. Mainly introduces the characteristics and principle of injection molding, injection molding process is divided into several stages, what are the preparing work before injection molding.

The characteristics of injection molding, injection molding molding cycle is short, is the feature of can, in turn, forming a complex shape, size precision, parts of the plastic with embedded parts; Strong adaptability to all kinds of plastic; High production efficiency; Production, the quality of product temperature, easy to realize automatic production. So widely used in the production of plastic parts, injection molding equipment and the high cost of mould making, plastic parts is not suitable for single piece and small batch production.

Injection molding principle: the particle state and powdered plastic injection machine from the hopper to the heating of the cylinder, after heating molten plastic into a viscous flow melt, in the high pressure piston or screw injection machine, driven by a lot of velocity of flow through the nozzle, injection mould cavity while curing, after a certain time of the holding after heating can be given by the shape of the mould cavity while curing, and then open mould for plastic forming parts fractal, this completes an injection cycle.

Injection molding process is divided into several stages: the complete injection molding process includes feeding, heating plasticizing, injection pressure, the pressure maintaining and cooling, stripping process, etc.

What are the preparing work before injection molding: (1) raw material appearance inspection and measurement of process performance; (2) material of preheating and drying; 3. Insert the preheating; (4) cylinder cleaning.

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