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Design of gate in plastic mould design

The channel between the sub flow channel and the cavity is called the gate. The position, size and shape of the product are relatively large. Its design includes the determination of shape and size and the choice of location.

In order to improve the production efficiency, the design of the two cavity structure is adopted in the design, and because of the characteristics of the material, through various analysis and comparison, it has the following advantages:

(1) as the cooling time is short, the cycle of product molding is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved.

(2) it is easy to remove the pouring system in the case of the appearance of the plastic parts without affecting the appearance of the casting system.

(3) because the gate is in the parting surface and the shape is simple and easy to be processed, the size can be adjusted at any time, so that the mold cavity can be poured into a balance.

Should pay attention to the problem:

(1) the loss of pressure is large, can shorten the length of the gate or the use of a larger injection pressure to inject.

(2) it is easy to form defects such as weld marks, shrinkage holes and air bubbles. In the design, the selection of gate position and exhaust measures should be considered.

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