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Method for removing residue of plastic mould product in mould cavity

In the production process of plastic mold products, we occasionally encounter mold products remain in the mold cavity. The general situation is very much affect the production efficiency, so how can we have the efficiency of the residual in the mold cavity of the plastic products. Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory is a small series with everyone up to study.

1, with brass piece hard into the products with the mold of the gap, pry the products from the mold cavity, but the use of non ferrous alloy mold to be careful.

2, in order to achieve this goal, a brass should be in the injection molding machine (such as the thickness of 3MM, width 300MM, front model into a brass plate, knife shaped).

3, using a screwdriver to replace the mold will cause significant damage.

4, can not cut off the product cannot be split, with the above speak directly with a hammer tapping into the brass plate products, but this is likely to make the concave surface of the mold cavity, so the surface and the model surface can only be cracked in, don't damage the surface of the mold cavity.

5, in order to cut off the products also have a direct method for heating blowtorch to large, this is only effective occasions. But must pay attention to must be far away from the combustible material. Use the following method to remove the small occasions: from the nozzle side to poke out, use a piece of wire (about 4MM in diameter with a sharpened front) red heater such as alcohol lamp, hold into the nozzle material from the mold cavity side, remove the generation of sufficient cooling after use pliers, the lower part of the pliers must put brass (or cloth) to prevent damage to the mold out nozzle material.

6, if there is a small part of what products can not be removed the debris, using this material to solvent (e.g. acetone) coated in the above, to be dissolved with a brass rod out, but it should be noted that the solvent not near the fire.

The cavity surface to remove residual products, cloth clean and spray release agent. But should pay attention to the release agent on the products of the two processing (coating, dissolution, etc.) have an impact, the use should be careful.

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