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A Brief Introduction to Polyethylene (PE) Used in Plastic Molds

Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce polyethylene (PE) - the largest producer of plastic varieties. Non-toxic, tasteless, white or creamy, soft, translucent granular. The use of temperature range -70 ℃ ~ 180 ℃; very small water absorption, and good dielectric properties, is the most ideal high-frequency electrical insulation material.

1. Classification according to the use of polymerization pressure, divided into

      High pressure PE (low density): low strength, low heat resistance, dielectric, softness, impact resistance, high transparency

     Medium pressure PE

     Low pressure PE (high density): high strength, high heat resistance, dielectric, softness, impact resistance, low transparency.

2. Uses:

Low-pressure polyethylene for the manufacture of plastic pipe, plastic sheet, plastic rope and the bearing is not high parts; medium-pressure polyethylene suitable molding method has high-speed blow molding. Can be used to make bottles, packaging film and a variety of injection molding products and rotary forming products; high pressure polyethylene commonly used in the production of plastic film, hose, plastic bottles and the electrical industry, insulation parts and cable sheath.

3. Forming features:

Shrinkage range and shrinkage value, the direction of obvious, easy to deformation, distortion; good mobility and sensitive to pressure changes; injection molding using high pressure injection, slow cooling. Plastic parts can be forced release.

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