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Injection Molding in the Production of Plastic Mold

In the case of press molding, the thermosetting plastic raw material is charged into the charging chamber of the closing mold so as to be thermally plasticized in the charging chamber. Under pressure, the molten plastic enters the closed cavity through the pouring system at the bottom of the feed chamber. Plastic in the cavity to continue to heat, pressure and curing molding, and then open the mold out of plastic parts.

The difference between compression molding and compression molding:

1) pressure molding can produce complex shape, thin wall or wall thickness changes greatly with plastic parts with fine pieces

2) injection molding molding cycle is short, high production efficiency, plastic parts of the strength and hardness

3) pressure molding plastic parts of high precision, low surface roughness

4) pressure injection molding raw material consumption

5) plastic parts on the gate trace of the repair to increase the workload

6) pressure injection molding pressure

7) The structure of the injection mold is complicated

8) pressure molding process conditions demanding

9) pressure injection molding process generally requires the first mold after the feeding, and compression molding process is the first feeding after the closed mold

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